Do I Need a VISA?

If you are a non-EU applicant, you may require a student visa in order to study at the school. It is your responsibility to obtain this visa and Language Link London is not responsible if a student obtains the wrong visa. If you require a visa and arrive without one, you will not be eligible to attend the school.

Language Link London will provide the documentation required for students to apply for study visas where applicable.

  • Documentation in support of study visa applications will only be provided upon receipt of full fees.
  • The school has a legal obligation to collate and maintain application information, as well as passport and visa data, and inform the Immigration Authorities of those students whose attendance falls below the standard required by their visa.
  • If a visa application is unsuccessful, yet all documentation was correctly submitted, Language Link London needs to be informed and a copy of the visa refusal letter should be sent to the admissions team. A refund will be issued when we receive this document. We will also keep one week of accommodation fees if we are notified fewer than 10 days from the start of the course.

For advice on visa regulations, please visit the following website:

You can also contact us at

Or alternatively, contact the British Embassy in your country.